I gave my first set of ceramics...

I gave my first set of ceramics...

When I first started with pottery, I was told something that didn’t quite click at first: "Try not to get too attached to your creations." At first, I thought, why wouldn’t I keep something I made?

But pottery is a test of patience. You're always learning, making things, sometimes breaking them, and then starting all over. It’s more about the journey of making something with your own hands.

Over two years, I managed to make 42 pieces. It might not seem like a lot, but each one was a labor of love, made in between the busy moments of life. At the beginning, I didn’t even keep the pieces I made. I was learning the art of detachment, just like my first lesson in pottery.

This Women’s Day, I decided to do something special. I gave away all my pieces to the women who have supported me in my journey. I wrote personal messages, wrapped each piece carefully, and handed them over. It was my way of saying thank you, a small token of my appreciation for their belief in me.

Giving away my pottery was a testament to the lesson I learned on day one: attachment does not foster growth; letting go does. And as I watched each piece find a new home, I realized that the joy of creating something with intention and love is amplified when shared with others.

So, here's to more creating, breaking, and sharing. Because sometimes, the best way to hold onto something is to let it go.

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