I found my perfect escape!

I found my perfect escape!

We all have those days, right? The ones where work feels like a never-ending marathon, where stress levels are off the charts, and you can’t help but fall down the rabbit hole of “what ifs.” Running a Digital Marketing agency means I’m constantly glued to my screen, juggling creativity and strategy until my brain feels like it’s going to burst. But I’ve found my perfect escape from the madness: Pottery and Running.

Here’s the thing about both activities—they force me to spend time with myself, away from all the digital noise. It’s not about escaping reality but finding a way to reconnect with it on a more personal level.

Pottery: A Grounding Experience

Sitting at the wheel, with nothing but a lump of clay, is strangely liberating. There’s no plan, no expectation, just the clay and me. With every pull, every shape I mold, I find myself coming back to center, grounding myself in the moment. It’s hard to explain the serenity it brings; it’s something you have to experience to understand. It’s not about being philosophical or spiritual; it’s about the pure, simple joy of creation.

Running: Refreshment in Motion

Then there’s running. Even a slow, 30-minute jog can work wonders, refreshing your mind and body like nothing else. It’s not just about physical exercise; it’s a mental cleanse. Whether I’m stressed about a client or project, or fuming over some personal grievance, running helps me straighten out my thoughts. Channeling frustration into every step, I somehow end up performing better, running faster. It’s my way of dealing with the emotional whirlwind in a healthy, productive manner.

I’m not suggesting these are magic solutions, but they work for me.  Maybe my little revelation here might inspire someone else out there feeling overwhelmed by the digital overload of our lives. Sometimes, all it takes to find some peace is a lump of clay or a stretch of road.

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